Role Complexity faced by Front Line Manager

First Line Manager of any company play a very important and vital role as they are not only responsible to execute the plan & strategy to achieve the numbers in real terms


Also they have to take care welfare, comfort discipline and noise of Downline and Subordinates.

This Makes Their Role Complex hence They need better maturity & compitancy to acchive Stackholders Satisfaction

Solution - Ready To Lead Development Program for Front Line Managers

Front Line Manager of any organisation do play a very important & vital role. They are not only responsible to achieve the performance results for self & their team but also equally responsible to care the welfare & conduct of the team.

This dual responsibility of both side brings lot of complexities and stress for them, therefore it is the advised of every organisation & HR to take due care of multiple learning need of this important section of organisational hierarchy.

Ready To Lead is Designed to Transform the Behavioural Manifest of a Manager / Supervisor (Front Line Managers) to become more effective to Lead People & Performance .

Learning Modules

Day 1

  • Learning Module 1

    Relating With People
    (Effective Communication & Cross Functional Relationship)

  • Learning Module 2

    Role Complexity & Managerial Effectiveness

  • Learning Module 3

    Ownership & Accountability

Day 2

  • Learning Module 4

    Coaching & Mentorship

  • Learning Module 5

    Work Life Balance & Stress Eradication

  • Learning Module 6

    Financial Acumen & HR (IR) Skills for Non Finance & Non HR

Learning Instruments

Execution Methodology

Effectiveness Mapping – AL Approach

USP’s of Ready To Lead


The Trainer of the program have mandatory 10 Years Industry Experiance as Manager

Effectiveness Mapping

Assessment & Effectiveness Mapping report card in a Tangible Manner

Post Training Support

Post Training Coaching Support to Participants

Training Glimpses

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Ready To Lead

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